Guidance Appointment

General Information

The Guidance Office, located by the front door of the school, has friendly counselors available to meet the needs of all students and parents at IDCI. The counselors see students according to the beginning letter of the student's last name. The guidance counselors are:

A. Matches (A-K)

C. McRorie (L-Z)

Counselors are available to assist students and parents with personal, academic, career and educational concerns. Students and parents with questions or concerns should contact a counselor immediately.  

How To Obtain Your Ontario Student Transcript:

Ontario Student Records are kept by our board for 55 years after the student has left. Records for students who attended I.D.C.I. in the last 5 years are kept on premise. Current students can contact the Guidance office regarding their transcript. To obtain a transcript, students who left or graduated will have to contact the TVDSB Record Centre at (519) 452-2000 extension 21078 or access the Transcript Request webpage on the TVDSB website and submit a request form. The link is below:

Volunteer Hours Form

(Community Service)

**** Note: Class of 2021 - You need 20 hours of Community Service Hours to Graduate.


Map of IDCI

IDCI Course Calendar 

SHSM Application - IDCI has three SHSM Programs. Use the link above to apply.




Class of 2022 - Grad Google Classroom, Scholarships and Awards Information

Attention Potential Graduates:  

The IDCI GRAD Google Classroom provides very important information to all potential graduates this year. All students who expect to graduate should sign up. 

CODE to join: jpcialx

Information shared includes: 

  • Researching college or university programs, apprenticeships and careers 
  • Applying to colleges and universities 
  • OSAP (student loans) 
  • Scholarships and bursaries 
  • Graduating this year 

2021/22 Fall Scholarship Guide

Grads 2022 - The Fall Scholarship Guide has been updated!

This guide is for national and provincial awards throughout the year.  Local awards specifically for IDCI and TVDSB students will be published in March.  


2020/21 Spring Awards Booklet

Grads 2022 - Use the above information to learn about Awards, Scholarships and Bursaries that were available last year to IDCI Graduates. 

This booklet will be updated in March 2022.

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