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General School Description 

IDCI Blue Bombers football team on football fieldPrincipal - K. Everitt
Vice Principal - T. Streutker

Ingersoll District Collegiate Institute takes pride in its teaching, administrative, cafeteria and custodial staff who work as a team to provide a safe, clean and caring learning environment. It is a composite school school offering a full range of programs for students in grades 9-12.  Students can select courses from a large variety of options in the arts (visual art, music and drama), technology, business, geography, history, math, english, science, languages (including french and spanish), family studies, social sciences and physical education fields.

We have four SHSM programs - Construction, Manufacturing, Sports and Transportation. As well students can be signed as an OYAP (Ontario Youth Appenticeship Program) student through cooperative education courses.

I.D.C.I. serves the diversity of student abilities including enriched, developmentally challenged and special education needs, in addition to a wide selection of essential, applied and academic courses. We offer a range of support services to students through our guidance department, student success staff, and learning resource room. 

I.D.C.I. is comprised of 40% bus students from outlying rural areas and 60% town students. I.D.C.I. is proud of its rich tradition of extracurricular offerings in music, drama, sport and many club activities and charitable ventures and is actively supported by an involved home and school association.

Our School Goal is to improve student learning as measured by the number of students who successfully complete courses.
Co-instructional Activities 

Our Student Parliament consists of 6 Cabinet members and grade reps.

Other clubs include: Athletic Council, Concert Band, String Orchestra, Jazz Band, Improv Club, Robotics Club, Me to We, Health & Wellness, Key Club and Reach for the Top.  

In addition the school sports teams this year are golf, cross country running, field hockey, football, basketball, volleyball, hockey, soccer, track & field, badminton and curling.

Noteworthy Items 
I.D.C.I. constructed and maintains a Memorial Peace Garden in memory of staff and students who have passed away while members of I.D.C.I. Charitable fundraisers have been held for the community United Way (we are the StairClimb champions), Relay for Life/Cancer Campaign and food and toy drives for local charities. Other events include the annual spring Car-B-Que featuring Foodtopia and a unique student/community car display and a spectacular Remembrance Day Assembly.
Volunteers at the School
The I.D.C.I. Home & School/School Council works co-operatively with Student Parliament and staff to provide parent volunteers to assist with various school and student events throughout the year. Parental involvement is very important at I.D.C.I.
Measures of Student Achievement and Success
At Thames Valley, we believe that assessment and evaluation of student achievement are integral parts of the learning process. Information gathered through assessment and evaluation helps teachers to determine students' strengths and weaknesses in their achievement of the curriculum expectations. It also serves to guide teachers in adapting curriculum and instructional approaches to students' needs and in assessing the overall effectiveness of programs and classroom practices. A variety of methods are used to gauge student progress including: teacher observation, classroom tests, projects and other examples of student work. For more information on our school's provincial assessment results, visit the Education Quality and Accountability Office.
IDCI's Code of Conduct

Everyone has the right to:

  • quality education
  • a safe and orderly learning environment
  • freedom from harassment
  • respect and courtesy
  • freedom of expression

In order to protect these rights, all individuals myst meet the following set of responsibilites:

  • attend classes regularly and punctually
  • be courteous
  • show respect for school property
  • exercise self-discipline
  • accept such discipline as would be exercised by a kind, firm, judicious parent
  • do your best work
  • adhere to a dress code appropriate to the school environment
  • take tests and examinations as are required by the teacher
  • be free from the influence of drugs and alcohol, not be in possession of drugs and alcohol while on school property of any related activity
  • refrain from using language that is hurtful, such as swearing or put downs
  • report to the Principal/Vice-Principal or designate any instance of violence or bullying

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